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At Victory Outreach Heart of the Bay, we have dedicated much of our ministry to developing the personal lives of young people. We have innovative strategies to reach teens in today’s tumultuous environments.
While parents of every generation have experienced angst over their young, the peril threatening today’s teens is unparalleled in history. Victory Outreach has risen to this challenge with an unprecedented strategy: GOD'S ANOINTED NOW GENERATION. Reaching a wide spectrum of young people, from urban youth to church kids, these youth are unified in vision.

The youth of Victory Outreach Heart are highly committed to evangelism, bible study, and prayer. The zeal of these youth attract other youth and motivates even the most seasoned church member.

Urban Training Centers

Young people from all over Victory Outreach International attend this high-impact discipleship school. The purpose is to assist young people in answering the call of God upon their lives and see them grow in several areas: Personal Development, Church Leadership, working with people and Missions Outreach. You will develop in several areas such as: Urban Evangelism, Developing Your Spiritual Gifts, Becoming a Dynamic Transmitter of God’s Word and Becoming A Godly Leader, just to name a few. We believe this school will help young people to have a deeper understanding of God’s Word and how its power can be applied today.

Conventions & Conferences

The raw energy of Victory Outreach Youth Conventions keeps the most casual observer on the edge of their chair. Multimedia presentations, thumping music, and cutting-edge speakers highlight these unique events attended by over 5,000 thrilled teens .

Passion for Purity & Pure Courage

Purity pledges are an important component of the youth ministries. Teens make a commitment to remain sexually pure. Surprisingly, even youth who have been sexually active in the past, readily renew their position to abstain until marriage. A purity ring and plaque are provided as a memoriam. 

G.A.N.G. Night

Fridays 7:00 pm

1412 Almeria Dr.
Hayward, CA 94544

GANG Leadership Team
Celestino & Krystal Salazar
Yasmine Gonzales

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. To prepare youth for the responsibilities that lay ahead, leadership development is central to the Victory Outreach Youth Ministry. The name “God’s Anointed Now Generation” exemplifies this by challenging teens to develop their leadership potential now. These youth develop a sense of urgency to prepare for the future by making positive steps today.

Victory Outreach highly values the potential of young people and invests considerable time and resources to ensure the quality and effectiveness of this ministry. To quote our youth ministry, “We are not the X, we’re not the Next, we’re not the New, we are the Now Generation!” 

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