What We Believe

"The secret strength of a nation is found in the faith that abides in the hearts, homes and families."
-  Evangelist Billy Graham

Core Beliefs

For over 50 years, the foundational beliefs that have been a primary motivating factor in Victory Outreach are seen evident in the thousands of lives that have never been the same since they walked through the doors of Victory Outreach. Victory Outreach is uniquely distinguished by its fundamental belief in God’s love and in the transforming power of His love for hurting people from
all walks of life.

Victory Outreach believes in the church’s mission to reach the lost as mandated by Christ in what is known as the Great Commission found in the Gospels. Jesus commands his disciples “… go and make disciples of all nations” and “Go into all the world and
preach the good news to all creation.”  
Matthew 28:19  |  Mark 16:15

Victory Outreach believes that the Spirit of God is still actively working in the building of the church through manifestations such as the Baptism of the Holy Spirit for the empowerment of service, speaking in tongues and the impartation of
spiritual gifts to each believer.  
Acts 1: 4 - 8 & 2: 1 - 4  |  I Cor. 12  |  Rom 12: 5 - 8

The beliefs of Victory Outreach can be classified as Evangelical and Pentecostal. Following is the organizations Statement of Faith which are the nonnegotiable tenets of faith that all Victory Outreach churches adhere to.


We can exalt Christ in our lives through prayer, worship, fasting and reading of the bible to achieve a life of righteousness in
the site of God.
John 12:32  |  I Corinthians 1:29


Inspiring God's children to answer God's call and commit to it because it is our driving force. We believe in the people, that they have potential and love for God.
Proverbs 29:18  |  Hebrews 1:2 - 3


We are thriving to bring people to spiritual maturity, giving them a sense of belonging. We want to see strong Christians growing in their character and building relationships.
Ephesians 4:14 - 16


To give Christians training and teachings to help them develop
their leadership skills and spiritual gifts.
Ephesians 4:12 - 16


Our mission is the Jesus mission world evangelism.
Going to the inner cities of the world and reaching the out-cast.
Matthew 28:18 - 19


The church is a community; we are a family. This is why we call each other brother, sister, spiritual Mother and Father. We can express and receive love, security, and a sense of belonging in a family. We have a sense of dignity and belonging because we are a family that God Himself raised up to become a unique ministry that works with the hurting people from inner-cities worldwide.
Acts 2:42  |  I Timothy 5:1 - 2

The Cause is the army of the Lord. We are an army with a mission that God has given us to reach the world. We are a mighty army set aside to do battle against the powers of darkness through obedience and loyalty. Having the same mindset is essential for conquering new lands for the Lord. While in a family, the basic values that are instilled are love, acceptance, and respect. In an army, the values are a sense of mission, strategy, accomplishment, and finances.
Matthew 16:18  |  I Samuel 17:29  |  II Samuel 18:5 - 17


This is the business and organizational aspect of the ministry. We have our International Administrative offices which are fully staffed with individuals that are dedicated to the worldwide expansion of Victory Outreach International. Each local Victory Outreach church strives to become a well-polished, Kingdom-business run church.
I Corinthians 14:40

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