Pastors & Staff

Esteban Pineda

Lead Pastor

Pastor Esteban has been in full-time ministry for over 25 years. Within that time he has lead Youth Ministry, Young Adults Ministry, Drama Ministry, Urban Training Center Director, and his greatest ministry of all - his family. Married for over 16 wonderful years with 4 powerful disciples - his children.

Chela Pineda

Pastor's Wife

Sister Chela has been in full-time ministry for over 20 years: working as a full-time Women’s Rehab Director, Financial Administrator, Young Adults Pastor, Urban Training Center Director, and her favorite ministry of all - Family Ministry. Married for over 16 wonderful years with 4 gorgeous children. 

Toby Flanagan

Associate Pastor

Pastor Toby has been in ministry for over 20 years and has been married for over 22 years. He has been a missionary to the Philippines and Indonesia for 2 years and has organized many soul-saving endeavors for decades. His heart is to reach hurting men for God’s honor & glory. 

Manuel Aguilar

Associate Pastor

Pastor Manuel gave his life to the Lord on a Thanksgiving in 1993. Since then, he and his amazing wife of 36 years have helped pioneer a work in Tracy, CA and have helped hundreds of marriages see God’s healing power all over the world. All 4 of his children are serving the Lord with deep commitments to ministry throughout Victory Outreach International. 

Darryl Cambra

Associate Pastor

Pastor Darryl has pioneered a work in San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines, and Manila, Philippines, with his lovely wife of over 22 years. He has been passionate preaching the gospel for over 29 years all over the world with missions all over Asia and South Africa. 

Greg Martinez

Associate Pastor

Pastor Greg has seen thousands of prisoners give their lives to the Lord through inner-city ministry for over 20 years. He and his wife of over 17 years have raised 6 wonderful children and 11 beautiful grandchildren. With a heart for the forgotten inmate, he is seeing God’s power break the bars of iron all over the prison doors.

Robert Quintanilla

Worship & Technology Leader

He's single ladies! .

Gilbert Cortez

Men's Recovery Home Director


William Nickelson

Head Usher


Beverly Flanagan

Administrative Manager


Gina Hernandez

Children's Ministry Overseer